• Floating Iceberg ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Fare for Isbjørn ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Mountains shaped by glaciers ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Glacier with birdlife ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Amazing scenery ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Glacier with iceberg ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • One of many glaciers ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Glacier ©Arctic Adventure Tours

Four days’ arctic sailing exploration in the magnificent Ice Fjord of Svalbard!

Join us this summer on board our hybrid-electric schooner, Opal for a four days’ sailing expedition in the icy waters of Svalbard. This once-in-a-lifetime experience takes you sailing from Longyearbyen to explore the arctic nature of the magnificent Ice Fjord of Svalbard. Gliding silently past the glaciers reaching all the way to the water and making several landings with the zodiac on the island, observing the arctic wildlife as it comes to life in the summer. We will possibly spot a polar bear or wild reindeers as we pass by at a safe distance. We will visit the abandoned mining settlement, “The Pyramid” to explore the ghost town. The town was for the most part abandoned when the mining activity stopped in 1998. The Pyramid holds the world’s northernmost swimming pool, statue of Lenin and grand piano. Further we will explore the magnificent Billefjord and Ekmansfjord looking for wildlife, and hopefully spotting a polar bear from safe distance.

The arctic nature and wildlife of Svalbard is unique. The Island is ruled by the Polar Bear, and all human presence needs to respect its dominance. Our crew and guides are trained in responsible approach to local wildlife to minimise our impact when visiting nature.