• Walrus colony on Svalbard

    Walrus colony – Heimir Harðarson

    A walrus colony on Svalbard

  • Fare for Isbjørn ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Hot-tub on board

  • Glacier with birdlife ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Glacier with iceberg ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Glacier ©Arctic Adventure Tours

  • Floating Iceberg ©Arctic Adventure Tours

Svalbard expedition on schooner Donna Wood

This arctic expedition takes you sailing in the icy waters of Svalbard, hiking in the land of the polar bear. Join us on the traditional oak Schooner, Donna Wood, sailing past floating icebergs and the curious wildlife ashore the arctic archipelago. We will make several landings with the Zodiac, going ashore to explore the island. Changes may apply to the itinerary due to weather and ice conditions.

We embark in Longyearbyen (LYB), the biggest settlement on the Svalbard archipelago. From LYB we set out on an arctic adventure to see some of the amazing sites of Svalbard. Out first stop is the second largest settlement on the archipelago, the Russian mining city of Barentsburg (Баренцбург).

Next stop is the Poolepynt where there is a walrus colony, to be watched at a safe distance. We will continue with hiking in the Sars mountain on day four, respecting the nature reserve and the protected flora there. Continuing North, we will stop by Ny Ålesund, a small research village, known as the starting point for many North Pole expeditions. It is from Ny-Ålesund that Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile’s airship Norge traveled via the North Pole to Alaska, the first successful expedition to the North Pole. Their launching platform is still standing.

We will visit the old whaling station in Magdalenafjorden. In the old cemetery, where approximately 200 men are buried, some of the graves are being pushed out of the ground by the permafrost. Close by, Sysselmannen, the authorities on Svalbard have a manned station. The expedition will go to areas where there are high chances of spotting seals, walruses and polar bears.

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Walrus colony on Svalbard