Temporarily changed – Whale Watching in Tromsø on Traditional Schooner

Temporarily changed to Fjord cruise on traditional schooner Hildur due to low whale count in Kaldfjord. 

Experience the magnificent giants of the seas!

Whale watching in Tromsø on board our traditional oak Schooner. Stay warm with our floating overalls and enjoy hot drinks and a light meal on board. Hildur is comfortable inside and out – a warm and stable way of travelling, where you can comfortably enjoy the spacious deck and cosy interior. You can read more about Hildur here

Schooner Hildur was restored as a traditional two-mast schooner from the remains of an old oak fishing boat. Combining this traditional mode of transport with magnificent wildlife and landscape gives you an experience you will never forget.

Our crew is highly skilled and professional with extensive knowledge about whales and the arctic wildlife. We follow the strict Whale Watching Guidelines developed by Visit Tromsø.

This trip takes you sailing out of the beautiful Kaldfjorden – through the eating grounds of Humpbacks, Orcas and Sea Eagles. I time allows, the guest can also test the fishing gear.

Don’t forget to bring a camera, warm footwear, hat and gloves.

Code of Conduct:

North Sailing follow the guidelines for responsible whale watching to cause minimum disturbance to the natural life at sea and in the wild: